Brand Activation and Promotion


SOLHeight gladly displays its own special BTL segment one on one. BTL stands for below the line promotion includes the use of subtle marketing tactics to get the product right to where the customers are available. The activities involve multiple numbers of channels that traditional advertising does not get through, and tries to surprise the consumer, and contact them even where they wouldn't dare to hope anymore.

Road Show

Road shows form an important part of many corporate external marketing programs. The ability to take a message around the country in a matter of days is very powerful and logistically very challenging for all concerned. We have been associated with working multi-city street appears crosswise over Pakistan.

Road shows offer a huge amount of visibility, be it the most ordinary or the most contemporary exclusively depending on the respective item.

SOLHeight is Brand Awareness Services Company in Islamabad has been actively conducting road shows across Pakistan.

SOLHeight can offer:

• Creative thoughts for having exclusive and innovative road shows

• Entire planning & execution of the multi-city road shows

• Relevant creation & permissions work

Timing is frequently key to getting the correct image or message across to the audience and once again we can help you plan and execute the right event for your target audience.

Access our portfolio to view some of the road shows we've covered.

Shopping center Promotion

Shopping center Promotion involves exclusive displays for your brands/services which can reach your preferred target visitors.

Shopping centers have turned into the center of shopper movement, and hence promotions in these malls are a crucial part of the marketing mix for any company. It is an effective means of selling brand identity. It is a compelling method for offering brand character. It utilizes different types of the show to lure purchasers who are available in the shopping center or shopping zone.

Apart from displays, interactive activities and games, designed within the framework of the brand identity, can be used to lure buyers and generate awareness about the brand.

Access the photo gallery to view some of the mall promotions that we've done before.

In Small Mall Promotion

In Small Mall Promotions, though similar to mall promotions, occur inside shopping complexes and retail stores. Here, each brand is promoted, either with leaflets or fliers (using promoters to talk to consumers), or the consequences will be severe, certain parts of the store are used to depict the brand's selling points, and thus, customers are attracted.

Society Promotion

On the off chance that the purchasers don't go to your item, take the item to the shoppers.

Society promotions are an imaginative strategy of using product display, and other forms of promotion, in certain housing societies, of a particular level, which come under the desired target group for your company's brand.

We do appropriate show unit, with item extends, assortments, can be used, and they can be placed inside the premises of the society, where consumers, can touch, feel, and make use of the product as and when the situation demands.

We at SOLHeight have understood the needs and way to communicate the national Market.

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